The Question is……

Where have you come from and Where are you Going?

Child of God~episode 3

Recently I made the decision to start back doing something that made me feel so energetic and wholesome and that was running. I can recall how I used to get up and go running first thing. I miss how much clarity I had in my day, not to mention how fit I was. It wasContinue reading “Child of God~episode 3”

In this month of love, this day of love, birthday wishes for all, but especially for……

My daughter I regard this day as beautiful,  if ever beautiful was another meaning, it could not amount to how precious this day begin. It began with you, my daughter. What a beautiful day. A day of love, a day of happiness, a day of gratitude, and a day of wishing. And this day, I’mContinue reading “In this month of love, this day of love, birthday wishes for all, but especially for……”

She, In His Arms

He will cover you in his arms, with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust. In his arms you are safe; in his arms you are loved. As she was standing, embracing the view of divine creation, there began a sound. There was a heavy present sound of rain but she could notContinue reading “She, In His Arms”

Begin Again

Sometimes you have to start from scratch and watch as your ambitions re-bloom. Starting over isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s grace. You get to re-do, re-create something to be better than it was before. You get to reflect on your past mistakes, hopefully learning from them. You get to re-build aContinue reading “Begin Again”

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