Beauty in the Light

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Life can be many things. One thing I look forward to it being is beautiful. Each day I wake up, I am graced to step outdoors early and watch the sun rise. I reflect on the beauty that the light brings. Everything that was created was done in an image that reflects beauty. In Ecclesiastes 3:11 KJV, it reads, he hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end. And it is from the beginning to the end that the nature of beauty remains a wonder. I regard that beauty is in the heart. I regard that it is born there and lives there; with age and compassion it is shared with others all around.

I regard beauty in creatures, animals, things, and people. I regard beauty in thoughts, expressions, and ideas. It is possible to see beauty in a thing, and not just in an appearance. No matter how distrodded or withered the grass may be, there is undisturbed soil that remains still, unchurned and waiting to be dug into, waiting to inherit a seed, to create the most beautiful of creations.

We can find beauty in the most lowliest of places, these being overlooked because of high mountains but somewhere there’s a small light shining through the darkest valley. That light reflects on the beauty within that valley, keeping all thoughts that’s disfigured sane and free. There is just enough light to conquer the darkness within, the ugliness that no one likes to admit. There is just enough to keep all together and pure. Keep walking toward the beauty of the light. Keep walking until you become the light and when you do, allow the beauty of the light to shine through you.

Know Right Well ~episode 3

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Hello again, I hope that you have had a chance to read the first two episodes from this series, don’t miss out on such a great thing. You can find episode 1 here, and episode 2 right here. This is the final episode of Know Right Well and I have been so grateful for the encounters that I have had with the Holy Spirit in writing this series. This final episode is calling out all the great things that took place in the previous episodes but it highlights a very important factor, that Jesus will come to you right where you are. So let’s get to it and see just how important you are to the Most High God.

Right Where You Are

Episode 1 was a pertinent start to this series not because it was the first episode but because it gave surrounding text on the story of the Samaritan woman which is where the series derives from and it also gives more of an inside narrative on her encounter with Christ. I started out asking a rhetorical question in episode 1, “how many times has it seemed your spiritual well has run dry”? “Jesus declared it so to be the source of the living water.”

In episode 1, I wanted to point out that, “the Holy Spirit can visit you right where you are if you desire him to come in.” It is not a perfect space you have to be in; God loves you as you are regardless if you feel broken, alone, or a disappointment, he can turn all of that around once you declare him as your Saviour. In John chapter 4 verse 4 it states that, and he needs go through Samaria. It was meant for Jesus to stay on the path that he was on, there was a purpose for the path that he was on and it wasn’t meant for him to be detoured or to find another passage. That’s what Jesus wants you to know. You don’t have to find an alternate route, or hide out because of your love for the Lord. You can stay in his perfect place, a place of covering and continuing on the path that you are on, allowing God to lead you. If you are willing to surrender, you are ready for God to lead you. The Samaritan woman “didn’t realize that she was in need and she further didn’t realize how she would be used by God to spread the gospel to others,” but she was used nonetheless because she was willing to surrender to a Messiah that deemed her worthy, that found her in need, and that saved her in the mist of her hurt and in the middle of her weakness. Just as Jesus had an appointed time to be where he needed to be for the Samaritan woman, his love did not change, even all those years ago. He will show up for you at the appointed time and bring you through whatever the situation is because he is that good of a Father.

Finish What You Start

So Jesus demonstrated how to be where you need to be and why it is important to stay your course. Don’t allow anyone to distract you and cause you to give up on your dreams and take you off path. There can be people close to you and there can be strangers and the enemy is deceitful, he can use the people closet to you to get you off target. That’s why it’s important to have a spirit of discernment, some call it intuition but whatever you call it, it’s a gift to have because the word of God says that he will not allow you to be ignorant to Satan’s devices. As it seems like you have so much going on that you can’t focus on your dreams, or that you never have time to complete the project you were working on or that you don’t have the support you need are all ways of excuses that are pranced in your face to move you off track. Rise above all those tricks and finish what you started. Get back on the path you were on and keep going until you complete what you started. My mother always taught me to finish what I start since I was a child. It never went away from me and it comes directly to mind when I feel the pressures of everything else coming at me that can cause me to move away from my goals. My testimony with having finish what I start etched in my heart has allowed me to get my college degree with my children, working full time, being a mom, having my own dreams and being dependent upon in so many other fashions. I started college, stopped college, but something in me rose up to finish college and I did it with all my children. Working during the day, school at night after their bedtime, so for years I went on this way and not on my own strength but in the strength of the Lord. Even though that was challenging to say the least, I honestly don’t even believe me doing all that was for my degree. I mean I have it and that’s great but me going through that was an intrinsic award. I showed myself that I could be dedicated to myself. I refused many invitations to do school work and write papers, missing out on personal time, and loosing sleep were just a few sacrifices. Really though, it just developed me into a person who has a can’t stop attitude. At this point, after crossing that huge milestone and doing it with such a big load on my back, I know that I can do anything. That was important for me, that’s what I needed to know for myself and I needed my children to see that it’s never too late and not to give up. It’s why I pride myself in getting my degree; it wasn’t the paper it was because I didn’t give up and did the very thing my mother had instilled in me, I finished what I started. To me, that shows character, it shows leadership, and it exudes excellence.

This reminds me of the Samaritan woman, how she never gave up or quit. Skipping into episode 2, it talks on how she continued to go to the well to draw water even though she had difficulties. She had difficulties with the other women drawing water from the well. There were social issues that she had to endure. Obviously there was physical labour that she had to endure but that was increased double because she did her tasks in the middle of the roaring heat of the day. However, although she was “worn down, empty, and stretched thin” she continued her assignment. She didn’t quit. There is such an exemplary message in that because the Samaritan woman endured a lot of long-suffering but “God acknowledges those who carry on in faith thru long-suffering.” Pulling out these great parts that hit home to me personally it says in Romans chapter 5 verse 3 that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and HOPE does not put us to shame. Might I say again that it was my character that was developed through my challenges of getting my degree because I endured. It was my hope that was not put to shame because God had already poured his love into my heart and his love was all the love I needed. God’s love is all the love you need to get through any trial or situation. His kind of love.

Ask and it Shall be Given

Jesus gave us the right to ask when we gave our lives to him. This spiritual authority is a super natural power that give Christian believers the right to demand what it is we want. Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7 As I call out in episode 2 that “acting on spiritual authority takes recognizing the supernatural power that you have through Christ Jesus.” Jesus wanted the Samaritan woman to just ask for a drink of everlasting life. He says, if she only knew the gift of God, and who it was saying it to her. The need was standing right in front of the Samaritan woman but she couldn’t recognize the need being Christ because she was outside of spiritual connection. I realize that anytime I’m outside the will of God, I don’t recognize the trap that the enemy has laid up for me. I realize that when I am doing things by the spirit I can see the trap miles ahead. “It takes being part of the true and living water to understand this so that you can not only use spiritual authority but in use of that authority you begin to see results.”

All the Way

Half-way is not God’s way, because of his grace, he will meet you right where you are, even if you are half-way, he’ll take you to complete fullness the rest of the way. There are wonderful things that take place when you know the Lord. It won’t be peaches and strawberry fields all the time but you are able to come out on top because God is a winning Saviour. He doesn’t do anything half-way and he is never late. “Knowing that because of everlasting life you have a greater hope to look forward to and through the power that is vested in you it will demand winning outcomes.” So don’t think it unnecessary to give your life to Christ if you have not already. There are a bountiful amount of benefits to having a covering of the one that laid down his life on calvary’s cross for the humanity of this world. I hope that regardless of what you are facing, you come to know that Jesus loves and cares for you and that no matter how far gone you think you are, he has already turned shame into glory. You can do it. You can make it. Allow the joy of the Lord to be your strength and just as the Samaritan woman continued trip after trip with her spiritual well empty, needing strength, needing to be filled, it was. Jesus did that for her from all the way back then and he still holds the same power to do it again.

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Delivering FFC with a Heart of Thanks

Wow, what an amazing 9 months this has been. I recently celebrated my daughter’s 9th birthday and wondered what I would do with all the party decor. I knew that I wanted to re-purpose it somehow because it all was just so beautiful, well-planned, and thought out. A lot of helping hands made her day so special and I just couldn’t simply throw it away. And then it dawned on me that this month, I have been blogging for 9 entire months, the expected length of time it takes to carry a child. I have been carrying my passion or rather it carrying me, and developing it more and more for 9 whole months. That was so huge for me. It then became so apparent how I would re-purpose the decor. This was all such a special moment to reflect on from when I started up until now. It was even more gratifying to see how God’s timing is perfect and everything that he does is intentional and according to his will. This was such great timing for me to come before all of my subscribers, followers, family, and close friends to say THANK YOU!!! I am so thankful for you and all that you have done to express such love and kindness as I’ve been carrying my passion đź’– I anticipate nothing but God’s goodness from all the seeds that were sown through Faith Family and Community and I expect for you to have blessing upon blessing for sowing kindness, courage, and inspiration into my life.

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