Child of God…episode ~2

The Blessing Unfolding

When does the blessing unfold? The blessing unfolds when you choose to wait on God and his timing and in the mist of you waiting, you continue praising and being thankful. The blessing doesn’t unfold just because you think you’ve had enough. It unfolds in God’s perfect timing, a timing that he deems is the right time for you. And then at some point there is a break-through and then there it is, the unexpected happens and you wonder if its real, your blessing.

So, how does the blessing unfold? There are three ways that I believe the blessing unfolds and that is by faith, hope, and charity. I will all too happily unfold on sharing about faith during this episode………

Count on trusting God

There are your scriptural texts, definitions, and commentaries on what faith is but in a condensed straight-forward truth, faith comes down to this one thing, trust. Faith is trust. If you are in need of a blessing that doesn’t come by worry or complaining about your problem. If you can relate, in fact, the more you hear yourself complaining, the more you can feel your trust in God becoming less and less dominant over your situation. It doesn’t come by becoming a victim of being needy and wanting people to have pity upon you just to get what you want. It comes by trusting that your situation will change because you choose to not complain. You choose to not become bitter. You choose to not become anxious. You choose to not become jealous. You choose to not become worrisome but to simply make a declaration that you will place your trust in the one who, if all others do, will not abandon you in your storm.

It can be hard to trust after you’ve been hurt so many times. Bridges are formed, walls are put up and you find yourself struggling to maintain a balance of assurance by not allowing anyone in. Your domestic state can seem scattered and even torn down with yourself or even with your family but there is another assurance that can build all that back up again. I read this scripture text in Jeremiah 31:4 that says, “Again I will build you and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel! You will again be adorned with your tambourines and timbrels. And go out to the dances of those who celebrate.” The background of this text was brokenness and captivity. People and families being broken and scattered about. There was both destruction in civility and in the church but yet, the Lord raised the people back up from being broken and rebuilt a body of people to not only unfold blessings but to also unfold a celebration.

We see the word rebuilt as perhaps rebuilding a building but as an ecclesiastical term, rebuilt meant prosperity. In that text God chose to prosper a people not only with reframing the church ordinance but also a governmental ordinance. Thereafter, after God rebuilds, after he restores, after he blesses you, there comes a time for celebration. As we can see from the text, the people celebrated. They didn’t celebrate carnally; they celebrated joyfully and holy.

As you trust God in your life to rebuild {prosper} you, know that although the struggle is hard, it is often times that when are you torn down and brought to what seems total devastation from destruction is when the Lord is making his most finest and eloquent entry into your life.

This is the blessing that God wants to unfold in your life. A blessing of prosperity as you trust him. He will turn the tide, turn your whole ship around and sail you into a direction of a masterful blessing that only he as a creator can do. After the blessing comes a celebration, comes a time to give thanks.

Celebrate now what the Lord has and will do for you!!! Shout! Leap! Jump! Dance! Celebrate!

He wants you to be able to celebrate! He wants you to be able to dance joyfully giving him praise and honor. Praise him until there is no more strength left in your body. Praise him because when praises go up, you can look forward to an unfolding blessing to come down.

So that time doesn’t go by without me saying this please have a safe, uplifting, and blessed Easter Sunday! Celebrate Christ the Risen Savior! That’s a blessing worth celebrating all within itself.

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Until next time my friends……..Be blessed and have great day.

A tranquil moment

Out this morning at my favorite coffee spot and I’m sitting by the window enjoying the sun, good music, and a calming vibe of contentment.

As often as you can, take time out to do something that relaxes you. Whatever it is, make sure that it’s your favorite thing to do and do it not expecting anything but good quality time to yourself.

waterfalls in forest

“For length of days and years of life [worth living] And tranquility and prosperity [the wholeness of life’s blessings] they will add to you.”
Proverbs 3:2 AMP

Enjoy peaceful moments. In a society that seems chaotic, you have a choice to make changes to your life that doesn’t disrupt your peace. Try taking time off social media, try putting your phone down, try taking a walk outdoors, just try something, anything different than what you’re doing especially if its not working for you.

Believe for a tranquil outcome, especially knowing that there is such a good good father that wants only to see you live a life of peace and prosperity through the glory of his precious goodness.

Enjoy your day my friends. Until next time…….

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Child of God……..

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4

Count on overcoming

As I read this scripture, I allowed it to resonate with me. I allow it to mean something to me because it ministers so deeply. I had to change the subject tense so that I could minister this directly to myself, repeatedly. Give it a try. Yes, right now, right as you are, loudly or quietly, say “I am of God and I have overcome those that are not, because greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world.” Say it again and focus on, ” greater is he that is in me.” How does that make you feel saying this? Do you feel strong, secure, or even invincible? I wanted you to focus on that distinguished confidence given text because if you don’t realize the potential that has been placed in you no one else will. If you can’t recognize just how much goodness is on the inside of you then you will find it hard to see it in others. The spirit that lives within you counts on you to believe greater in every situation so that even when it seems hard it’s not hard for you.

What do you believe; do you believe that you are great? And not just a great person or do great things but if all the congratulatory’s, hand claps, and great jobs were stripped away, would you still feel great just because of the spirit that lives within you? Is it enough for you to be able to say that because I serve a God that loves me and cares for me no matter what comes my way or where I may fail at I’m still great because of who my heavenly father is within me?

Count on being enough

It will never be enough for anyone to think more of you and what you can do if you do not think it and believe it yourself. No matter how much someone else may want for you to have the best or do better, it is only achieved if you make the choice to be more. No matter how much a person may see the greatest potential on what you can deliver and what you can do, you have to decide is that enough for you. It’s not enough if you don’t see the same potential in yourself. It’s not enough if it takes others to blow you up because after all the smoke has dissipated what’s left standing in you. If you are encouraged to think that you are great and you have true potential and that you can make such a significant difference, this would mean everything if you too believe it. If you can believe in yourself even when others don’t show you the love and support you count on. Count on God. Even in all the grandeur appeal, even in all your greatness, there is nothing more greater than rising above diminished expectations and placing your trust in something greater, someone bigger than you. Its then you can count on knowing that you are already more than enough because of who lives within you.

Count on unexpected blessings

No one else on this earth can finish your race but you. People may provide you with resources, knowledge, and even power but your path is a chosen one that’s necessary for you to move forward in. Having faith in the word, requires your trust even when you can’t see how God’s intentions unfold. In Isaiah 55:8, “for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.” Although we may have other intentions and our life’s plan figured out, it doesn’t excel the intentions that God has for us and that in itself is a great thing. The intentions God has for you is not daunting or a disappointment, rather than the blessing happening when you want it to, it happens for you when it needs to. The blessing begins to unfold when it’s your time.

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