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Life is too precious. Live your life the way you are purposed to live it, not the way someone else thinks you should. People will say things, being unkind and throwing off but alot of what they are saying is them talking about what’s going on in the inside of themselves, they just don’t realize it, yet. No one is perfect, not even the one who has the platform. Don’t get caught up in other people’s emotions; control your own and keep smiling.

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What Happens When You are Precisely Present?

So on this morning leading into this afternoon, I had it on my heart to meditate. After such an enjoyable and well anticipated family vacation I am refreshed physically. Now I needed to be spiritually refreshed.

I decided to take some time outdoors with my furry friend and breathe in the nature around me.

For some reason that I didn’t understand, it came upon me to dwell on scriptures that gave mention and reflection of daily prayers. I meditated on some verses in the book of Ezra, Daniel, Psalms, and lastly Acts and there were so many moments of learning that were given to me. Some moments of understanding I feel are too precious to share and some I may share at a later time.

Their is one however that I want to share now which eludes into this posts purpose and that is A beautiful moment happened at the “Beautiful Gate”. It was a moment of healing. It was done by faith. It was made possible by belief and it happened unexpectedly but presently in an hour of time dedicated for prayer. Imagine what goodness could happen if you dedicated, when instructed a time to pray.

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There was such a beautiful moment that took place because of being precisely present where meant to.

I believe what is considered beautiful isn’t a spectacle. Beauty is created in moments, not in looks or things. When you dedicate yourself to something, if only for a time, the beauty of that commitment is a result not always for your benefit.

The beauty in dedication is that you discipline yourself to be precisely present in a certain place or to perform a certain task hopeful something wonderful will transpire from it.

Peter and John dedicated themselves to go to the temple and pray at a precise hour. There was no expectancy of miracles that would be performed only a time for prayer, but within that a miracle was performed nonetheless. The prophets used that as a testament to spread the gospel. The result was not the lame man walking, Peter, or John but in that, it was God getting the glory from what took place! In that moment such a precious thing happened.

Because of your faith, what beautiful moment has unraveled or that you are believing God for to happen in your life? Is it healing, deliverance, peace, restoration, self-care, better finances, dreams ful-filled…….?

Whatever it is, a beautiful moment is possible to all those that believe. Until next time my friends……..

be blessed.

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This was written from inspiration from Acts 3:1-11. Photo reference: Photo by Pixabay on and Photo by Inna Lesyk on

You Have the Grace to Handle it

Someone just needs to know that they will make it. You will make it. Everyone is not in the same place in life but I want to let you know that wherever you may find yourself you have the grace to make it through. You can make it.

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Pulling from what I wrote earlier this month in the Child of God series still accompanies my thoughts and I just want to singularly give space to this statement. “It’s not by some coincidence you face the obstacles that you do which seemingly feels like you’re the only one experiencing problems. It may be that you have the required strength to defeat that obstacle more better than anyone else who has not yet acquired the knowledge to handle it. You not only have the strength to defeat that obstacle but you have the courage to challenge it head on.” More to read from this series I’ve written “Child of God“.

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Cry if you need to but get back up. You can make it.

Until next time be blessed…..

The Question is……

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Where have you come from and Where are you Going?

These are the words that clung to me as I came across the passage in Genesis chapter 16 and verse 8. The entire chapter moved my thoughts but especially the question “Where have you come from and Where are you going” halted me in an instance to stop and think about the conviction this question offers. Where Have You Come From and Where Are You Going? What does this question mean to you? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this?

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Where have you come from?

Often times you are just moving. You keep moving, you keep going forward because there’s nothing for you in the past. There is nothing that can be changed in your past. But did you know that your past helped to shape your present? Regardless if it was a good past, a bad past, a regretful past, a hurt past, a happy past, an adventurous past, a tragic past, it has helped to shape you into the person you are today.

Where have you come from that has helped shape your present day? Where are you going that will help to shape the tomorrow of your future, your children’s future?

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When the angel asked Hagar this question, “where have you come from and where are you going?”, after she was initially banned into the wilderness, she answered. After she answered, she was then instructed. After she was instructed, she submitted to what she was told. She obeyed, but it wasn’t without promise. Thereafter, her life was shaped according to where she came from. She was a slave; a servant with nothing to offer and nothing to give but a son to Abraham, named Ishmael. Her present was then shaped for a future, a hard and solemn future that we are today, you and I are able to witness through God’s word. We not only witness Hagar and Ishmael’s hardships but we are able to apply the absolute fact to our lives that no matter what you go through God is with you.

Where are you going?

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God was with Hagar and Ishmael through each encounter in the wilderness, nearly dying of thirst when banished again and each time he heard their cries and as he promised Abraham, he did not forsake them. In fact, at an earlier point of Hagar’s life in the wilderness, she acknowledged that “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” God sees you. He knows you and he has compassion for your needs. He will not forsake you, regardless of where you have come from and no matter how far you want to go, he is right here with you.

It is important to know where you have come from so that you will know where you are going.

So, The Question is, for the sake of your tomorrow, for the sake of your children and all to come, “Where have you come from and Where are you Going?”

Stay tuned…

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Until next time my friends, be blessed.

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