The choice you make is the path you take

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Coming off of Mother’s Day weekend in the U.S.A. I hope that everyone was able to reflect, treasure moments, and feel/show the love on that dedicated day for Moms. If you missed my blog highlighting Mother’s Day, have a look. It’s an encouragement just for you, for men and women. On today, I want to share that you have the power and the free-will to choose to walk a different path. It may not be easy but you do have a choice.

Today is 5.12.21 and Today, let’s talk Matthew 5:12

“Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”

Matthew 5:15 KJV

Waking up this morning. I was led by the spirit to acknowledge this word. I would have never in my own will thought to pull this text on this day. I’m a believer that who God chooses to use and how he chooses to do something is completely and utterly in his power. Perhaps I was led to this scripture on today because of my own past experiences or perhaps someone else needs to know that as Christian believers, those who are called by God, those who exemplify the spirit of God are attacked the hardest simply because of your purity in faith and your choice to serve a living God. Count it all joy. My choice to walk in love is bigger than words, it’s action that I choose to take. It can be challenging and has been for me with some but I believe in walking in the example that you teach and therefore, you love, you show mercy, and you show kindness even when it is not being reciprocated.

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The sting of hatred is easiest to overcome when you realize that it’s not you that the person doesn’t like, it’s what and who you stand for. Count it all joy simply because their is so much more to this life and there is too much to be thankful for. Rejoice, because through your persecution there is a place that God wants to take you. From a personal experience he has been teaching me how to face rejection and resentment, knowing that it is part of a Christian life. Even in writing this, I’m recalling thoughts of how I have been persecuted and even now I realize that I never stopped believing in God and can recall how he blessed me and my family abundantly even through what I was going through. God will not stop blessing you just because someone doesn’t like you. Isn’t that great news!

There are some people that will carry hatred into their heart until their grave and then, then they carry it……….

Life, your life is important and meaningful.

It was my truest delight to read the hand-made cards that my kids made for me for mother’s day. Oh the joy I get from reading what’s in their hearts. My husband, children, siblings, and mother of course made it an unforgettable memory. I was able to not only spend it with those that I cherish but I was able to consume the love that was around me and understand that it’s important to love those that love you, that embrace you, that shows up for you. It is just as important to give that same love to others. Give that person a chance to show up for you in your life genuinely. Life, your life is important and meaningful. It caused to me to think about the women that play a huge role in my life that are still present or gone on to glory that I have the best strength, courage, and love instilled in me from the very beginning. The biggest of it all is that God knew that you and I would face persecution, so all the strength, courage, and love that we have within us came from a very special place that was created by God to help us get through the woes that we face. We will face people that will attempt to steal our joy but even through that he still has a promise for us. “….For great is your reward in heaven.”

No Cross, No Crown

When the spirit of God is in your life, the enemy knows it. He feels threatened, intimidated, and weak. Weak people draw their strength off of making others feel bad, often attempting to hurt others by words and actions. Make a choice to not respond to ignorance, hate, or strife. Make a choice to rise above and take the high road. I often have to remind myself that as a Christian, this dedication, this choice, this belief, this sweet abundance comes with many blessings and it also comes with hurt or affliction. “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” (John 15:19) You will be talked about, intentionally afflicted, and even criticized simply because of your heart for God but that doesn’t change God’s grace or favor in your life.

Take the high road

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Have you ever had to take the high road? I am learning as God gives me another chance each day that there is always a different choice. People choose to do the things that they do. People choose to say what they want. As a people, God has given us the autonomy to make our own decisions and have that free will but it sometimes can be wasted, simply because of hate and grudges. Live the life you have showing love and mercy. True, there are some people that are miserable but if they want to, they can be delivered. Showing love and mercy means that you have to take the high road and allow God to work on the rest.

Just let it go

You know that a person may have purposely tried to attack your character and try your meekness and yet, you still decide to be better than that. It takes a lot of maturity and a lot of Jesus, for that. It also takes a lot of maturity to not allow words to affect you. Words can be harsh and hurtful but no cross, no crown is saying that as Christian believers we are going to go through some of the same persecution that Jesus went through but because we serve a living God he has already devoured the enemy and declared our path as victorious. So yes, people will talk about you, yes people will try to assassinate the very character that you have as a person, especially if you are doing right but that doesn’t change who God says you are and how he sees you. You are dearly loved by God. It’s important to know that on the other side of words that are said, there are also consequences because “…..people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” (Maya Angelou) For “what you say flows from what is in your heart.” (Luke 6:45) God has called us higher and besides, it’s always good to show the right example and be the bigger person. No one is perfect but you can always strive to do what’s right and for the right reasons. What choice led you to the path that you are on?

It’s Just Who You Are

How can you function in your passion if you are not doing what it is you know that you are meant to do? I cannot place a cap on what I have to give just because someone may feel intimidated by my skill or diverse way of thinking. I cannot be kept in a box and neither can you. Yes, you may surprise some by what you know and how much you can do; it doesn’t mean that you know everything but it means you are not meant to be like everyone else. The world is full of repeats; there’s an entire world of people that need the potential you have to offer. Don’t shy away from who you are or your talent because someone may feel outshined or threatened that you are good enough. Guess what? You are good enough. That’s not being prideful, that’s comprehending that “greater is he that is in you, than he that is in this world.”

Get Comfortable Winning

Become comfortable functioning in your purpose because that talent that you have is not going anywhere. We were all born with a gift and if God gave you the will, he will make a way. Don’t stop what you are doing because you feel others don’t accept you or support you. Because they don’t accept you or support you let’s you know that you are doing something great. Don’t back down. Don’t shy away, keep going! But do “keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too can become great. -Mark Twain

What’s the Plan?

What you are reaching to attain won’t always come easy. If it does come easy, how rewarding could it be? If you have a goal that you are targeting, first “write the vision, and make it plain.” “In a study conducted by Prof. Gail Matthews, a psychologist from the Dominican University of California, it was revealed that those who commit their goal-setting on paper actually achieved more compared to those who were simply asked to think of what they wanted to accomplish in life.” -Kathy Kyle Pray over the goals that you have written down. Believe in the vision that was put in your heart. No one else can believe it for you!

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When I first started out writing I knew that it wouldn’t be easy but I knew that it would be worth it because its what I enjoy doing. My writing isn’t for me, it’s for my readers. My writing isn’t about me, it’s about delivering a message to provide perspective, encouragement, motivation, to cause you to think differently, to give you the awareness that it’s always good to self-reflect and to identify with some of the very things that we as people experience on a day to day basis.

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Surround yourself with people who are true to themselves and then you can expect them to be more easily true to you.True advocates come from those that are not trying to gain their own egotistical attention by giving you a pat on the back as if they are doing you a favor. You already have the favor of God. True advocates are consistent and genuine in their appreciation of your work. Who do you have advocating for you in your life?

Know this, you have what it take. Continue to work in your purpose intentionally and joyfully. Continue to be bold and watch the lives that are impacted by you simply because, you are being just who you are.

The world is waiting. Be blessed my friends.

Mother’s Day is…….

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Mother’s Day is a day “to express respect, honor, and love towards mothers. The day is an event to honor the contribution of mothers, acknowledge the efforts of maternal bonds and the role of mothers in our society.” Although this is the reason why mother’s day is celebrated, it can also amplify either happiness or sadness for some.

For some its a melancholy day, a day that makes you long for the chance to see your mother once more.

Some are expecting to be a mom and can’t wait to be called such a sweet name and there are those that have never known there mom. They clasp onto the memories heard by others, hanging onto their every word, embracing it as the only imaginative memory that they will ever have.


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Mother’s Day, this day, it means something to all of us. Although it only lasts for one day, it can stir up so many different emotions that can leave a lasting effect of veiled memories. Whatever this day means to you, irregardless if you are able to pick up a phone and call your mom or not, know that you are loved. “As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you.” -Isaiah 66:13 This was a maternal promise that was prompted by God for Isaiah to tell Israel. That maternal comfort is the same comfort that God our father will give to us when we feel lonely and sad.

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Mother’s Day recognizes the strength and resilience that it takes to carry the title. In a recent post, you can discover the many roles that mommy’s have to play.


I would like to take take an opportunity to acknowledge my mother, my friend. There are so many wonderful things I can say about my mom. Growing up and reflecting back over my life, it’s evident that it takes a strong woman to raise an even stronger woman.

There were times that I didn’t understand the decisions that my mother made, but she made them nonetheless and for the better, for her children.

My mom is an example that I can honor. She lives her life in a way that inspires me to be the same and even more for my own children. The grace that she exemplifies is a silhouette, which has given her opportunity to reflect humility and kindness. The love that my mother shows and continues to give -not only for me but for all of those around her- is a sounding demonstration of the devout woman that she is. Always placing her trust in the Lord. This God-fearing woman has been by my side with all three of my children, she prays for me, she has dried my tears, and cradled me in her arms.

I rise up and call her blessed. I rise up and call her MOM.

i say to all the mothers…..

I say to all the mothers, in whatever capacity and role you play as a mom, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! This is recognized as one national day but your love, guidance, and affection lasts a lifetime.

I am blessed and thankful to be called mom,mommy, mother, momma, mum, mumsy, and on occasion Mommmmmmmm. 💙💙💙

Make it a beautiful day! Be blessed.

If April showers bring May flowers, then what does May bring?

May in the month of May

May brings possibilities. Hooray it’s the month of May. All the things are blooming in spring Welcome Spring and the season is approaching for warm weather, blue skies, and lots of smiles. A new month, a fresh start, and hopeful beginnings. I pray that you may have the desires of your heart and that you may keep God first in all that you do.

It’s Possible

Have you ever heard the saying that, ‘anything is possible?’ Once you Fight Past the Fear, there are so many possibilities. What is desired from that possibility may happen. It may rain or it may be sunny. You may win the lottery. You may buy that dream home. You may start your own business. You may get married and live your happily ever after. You may get your degree. You may have that child that you have been praying and longing for. There are infinite possibilities of what you may do because “with God nothing shall be impossible.” – Luke 1:37 So with all the possibilities that you have within your reach from simply believing that with God nothing shall be impossible, Don’t Give Up, there is no need for you to doubt, there is only a will for you to do. motivational simple inscription against doubts It is possible for you to achieve your goals. It may seem like a challenge but what is most difficult and seems long and drawn out has a very special blessing. Once you triumph after the challenges, you are able to not only appreciate what you have been blessed with but you obtain a deeper respect for who you are and all that you have come through. In the astonishment of what God has done, you are buckled at the knees to reverence him and all his glory. What you desire becomes more valuable to you in the waiting instead of hurrying to make something happen that isn’t ready.

Perfect Timing

God’s timing is the perfect timing because when the promise is fulfilled there are no mistakes about it. You don’t have to go back and fix anything. You don’t have to start over. You don’t have any regrets. You simply just accept the blessing and the endless possibilities that God has for you simply because you trust in him.

The possibilities of life are boundless. There is nothing to hard for you because there is nothing too hard for God. May you accomplish your hearts desire and may you do so in grace and favor. You can do Put Your Dreams Into Action.

Hey wait! There’s more! ⬇︎😎

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Be Kind.

Such a simple statement. Such a rudimentary thing to say. Such few words, and yet they make a great difference. Being kind or not can not only make or break your day but it could also affect someone else in that same way.

The opposite of being kind is inconsiderate, mean, or cruel. If misery and hurt is bottled up inside you, it can make it very hard to be kind to others. Some of you may have experienced being around someone who is just mean. They look mean, they act mean, or just have a very cold and dim nature about them. You may have asked yourself, ‘ what did I ever do to them?’ Throughout all of the wondering, you still come up empty. Some indicators of an unhappy person is an unkind person and people that are unkind for no reason at all, even though having a reason to be unkind is still not an excuse, you may find that they have other problems that they are dealing with and it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Sometimes whats needed is to become healed in your heart. Holding the anger in and allowing it to fester can destroy you from the inside out. You can be walking around in anguish and tormented with discord and not realizing that it all goes back to how you feel in your heart. Talking to the person that offended you or that you may have offended is a start to healing. Forgiveness! Praying for them and for yourself is what brings the change.

Being kind makes you feel good. It makes you happy in the inside. It takes very little to be kind. An optimistic attitude helps but it also takes a heart-change. Have that merciful attitude to show the kindness that you would want reciprocated. Being kind is a choice and we all have the liberty to make the decision that will result in a good or bad result. Choices that can be made to treat someone the way we would want to be treated or choosing to treat someone unfairly just because is a liberty that you get to decide and live with. Choosing to be kind is just another way that believers of Christ get to exemplify that love that Jesus has for us to someone else. To someome who may not know God. To someone that wants to know him but is afraid. To someone who was hurt in the church and is looking for a reason to go back. How glorifying to God would it be that you could be the cause of someone giving their life back to Christ all in the deed of being kind.

Making the choice to show consideration and compassion allows the same to be returned back to you, especially when you need it, when it’s unexpected. In primary school we all started out learning the basics of rules, behavior, and treating others with respect. The things that we learn don’t become irrelevant just because we graduate from them. What we learn becomes part of us, it becomes a tool we get to use and put down when we don’t need it. Go against your flesh and do what sometimes can seem the hardest. Be Kind. Be a walking expression of God’s love. You never know who may need that expression of love and you never know how much more you needed it for yourself.

-moved by Ellie❤
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