Move Forward extended edition

As I also continue to follow my passion of writing. Let me tell you a story about………

This women would stand on a grocery store aisle for 45 minutes, admiring the design of the smallest subtle flower printed to the beveled corners of lace not forgetting to bring her attention to the loud boisterous colors of the funny cards. “What is it that you’re staring at”? Is the look the store associate would give her as she would carefully walk the aisle, as if a hall monitor. She eventually warmed up to the idea that the lady was simply adoring greeting cards.

Forty-five minutes seems a long time doesn’t it but not in that women’s world. In her world forty-five minutes was twenty minutes with time to spare. You may be wondering how would the woman know it was forty-five minutes that it took to look over stationery. Well, you see, it was always the same amount of time that she would spend in a store looking at greeting cards, paper, and wedding stationery. It was like her mind was a switch and right at the mark, she’s off, deterred from the real reason she came to the store in the first place, she makes off in a hurry.

There was something that made her come to life as she would pick up textured cards purposely just to run over it with her hands, taking in the smooth finish. How she enamored by seeing the tiny particles in the cotton cardstock. Oh, and please don’t let it be linen. The wedding stationery took the additional time. There was nothing she loved more than the look, feel, and creation of stationery.

This woman, she was so indulged when it came to stationery, especially the premium quality of paper crafted from earth’s resources and not to mention earth’s recycled resources. It all just seemed a faint step away from this woman.

She would go into art stores and office stores just to look and all too many times she purchased just because, well, it never felt like she had enough no matter how much space her single shelf could hold.

This woman is a collector of what’s dear to her. There is so much ardor when she picks up a piece of fine linen cardstock or smooth satin finish. There was such an unsettling excitement when she discovered the luxuriousness of cascata cardstock. For what I can say, she sure loves her stationery.

She loves all the things that she can make from it. She loves the fact that she gets to hold something tangible that gives her such an intangible reward, happiness. Pure joy.

This women started producing personal invitations and cards and wonder of things 15 years ago, just mainly for family get to-gathers and holidays that type of stuff. She always found a reason to send a greeting card out. She would sit at her home office desk and think who she could send a card to, who’s heart could she touch.

This woman has collected so many cards within 15 years that she could start her own online store, of course with her own work that is and might I add this woman is, well you guessed it. It’s me.

Allow me to say that I have moved forward this year with opening my own stationery business and it won’t stop there. “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither have entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for me” because I sure do love him.

Consider shopping at my online store this season for a very limited stock of holiday greeting cards. The ship will soon set sail with other seasonal greeting cards, wedding invitations, journals, and more. For now, I’m putting it out here.

A special thanks to those that participated in my soft launch. Now it’s open.

Visit today. Shop today.

Check out my original piece of move forward written in 2021.

“Don’t look at where you’re at, focus on where you’re going.” We all have work to do.

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