Like or Love or Maybe Both

You were created in God’s likeness. Everything that God created was good. Don’t demote yourself with bad feelings or negative thought. I believe that there is goodness in all of us. Think and say good things about yourself. Open up your mouth and give it a try. Even if other people don’t see it, what matters is what God see. Don’t live to prove yourself to other people. Put away the notion that you are not supposed to have big and the best. God is good! He created you to enjoy his goodness and there is not a specific time you have to wait and do it and there’s not a specific age either. Goodness is in your heart. Joy is in your spirit. You can enjoy both at anytime. It’s a good thing to enjoy the goodness of God because that’s what he wants for you. Even in chaos seek out God’s goodness. And no matter how you see it or anyone else may see it, what he created in you Was Already first loved and liked by him. No matter how many likes or loves you get. Lol. Be blessed my friends.

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