Do it yourself: A Fall Wreath Exploration

making wreath from wood and conifer branches

I was ever so inspired by my winter citrus Christmas cards this year to create my very own orange berry fall-like wreath. Now I get to enjoy both pleasures of orange citrus in the fall and winter season! I normally have a traditional pumpkin-leave autumn wreath each year but was all too happy to follow in the footsteps of my all-inspired charm of an idea. If you enjoy florals like me, do-it-yourself crafts or even just desire to make your own unique masterpiece, like say, a wreath. You will enjoy this video.

With this green thistle berry wreath pinned with a combination of autumn sorts and vague hues of fall, I can already tell this will be one of my favorites, maybe yours to.

Join me if you please. Grab your wreath and accessories and take a momentary walk with me as I embark on creating a fall orange berry wreath. You can do it now or anytime!

Click the link below to watch my video to fall into an autumn berry wreath adventure. And it certainly is.

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