The Courage to Wait

photo of path in between woods during autumn

Be of good courage.

Psalms 27:14


I can always depend on nature to do just what it’s expected to do. Change. Soon everything will grow quiet. It will become still but only for a little while. Only for enough time to hear the next set of directions. Do you know which way you are going? Nature seems to become silent as though their’s an expectation to receive the next set of orders. Even the wind has an order in the direction that it blows. Leaves, in our eyes, they rest everywhere but for something or for some creature they land exactly where they are meant to be. They rustle over to a little corner of space, gathering and piling higher. At any rate, we all have our instructions. Do you choose to abide by them?


You may be asking yourself, “what are our instructions?” The instructions are to abide in Christ. You can do that with W.A.T. Worship. Allegiance (submission). Thankfulness.

It’s a year later that I now see why the Lord spoke to me and told me to wait, to be still. I am reaping the benefits of that obedience. I didn’t abide in him the first time but the next chance I received, I did. Abiding in God is not a one time thing. I learned that it is a constant practice. I worshipped in my wait. I submitted myself to his will in my wait. I gave thanks in my wait and not just for myself but for others. Do you find yourself always thinking of others by expressing a kindness toward them? It may not seem rewarding for you but just as you act on what’s in your heart, you are also placed in God’s heart for him not to forget about you. Don’t feel used for always thinking of others and feel as though it’s not reciprocated. Your needs will still be met just because you chose to stay faithful with giving.

Submitting yourself to the will of God will cause you to want to change to make improvements to yourself. Sometimes that can take a little sorting out. You need to figure yourself out and that it completely okay.

When you recognize that you need to make a correction in your life, are you humbled enough to make the change? Humility has a lot to do with abiding in God. His words say Abide in me as I also abide in you. God cannot abide in ego. He wants your full attention, allegiance, and praise. He wants it all in his name. He deserves it all and it’s less than we can give.


Humility comes at a price. Sometimes that price is falling so that you can rise back up again stronger, healthier, and wiser. Are you courageous enough to accept defeat so that you can truly become a conquerer? You’ll find that in your climb from the valley to the mountain top you’ve always had what you needed. The key to your strength is to be able to surrender to “I am”.

Have the courage to stand strong and wait. Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he will strengthen your heart. What expectation do you have for God to fulfill in your life? W.A.T. are you going to do about it? Here’s a clue. Worship. Show Allegiance (submission). (give) Thanks.

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