What Happens When You are Precisely Present?

So on this morning leading into this afternoon, I had it on my heart to meditate. After such an enjoyable and well anticipated family vacation I am refreshed physically. Now I needed to be spiritually refreshed.

I decided to take some time outdoors with my furry friend and breathe in the nature around me.

For some reason that I didn’t understand, it came upon me to dwell on scriptures that gave mention and reflection of daily prayers. I meditated on some verses in the book of Ezra, Daniel, Psalms, and lastly Acts and there were so many moments of learning that were given to me. Some moments of understanding I feel are too precious to share and some I may share at a later time.

Their is one however that I want to share now which eludes into this posts purpose and that is A beautiful moment happened at the “Beautiful Gate”. It was a moment of healing. It was done by faith. It was made possible by belief and it happened unexpectedly but presently in an hour of time dedicated for prayer. Imagine what goodness could happen if you dedicated, when instructed a time to pray.

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There was such a beautiful moment that took place because of being precisely present where meant to.

I believe what is considered beautiful isn’t a spectacle. Beauty is created in moments, not in looks or things. When you dedicate yourself to something, if only for a time, the beauty of that commitment is a result not always for your benefit.

The beauty in dedication is that you discipline yourself to be precisely present in a certain place or to perform a certain task hopeful something wonderful will transpire from it.

Peter and John dedicated themselves to go to the temple and pray at a precise hour. There was no expectancy of miracles that would be performed only a time for prayer, but within that a miracle was performed nonetheless. The prophets used that as a testament to spread the gospel. The result was not the lame man walking, Peter, or John but in that, it was God getting the glory from what took place! In that moment such a precious thing happened.

Because of your faith, what beautiful moment has unraveled or that you are believing God for to happen in your life? Is it healing, deliverance, peace, restoration, self-care, better finances, dreams ful-filled…….?

Whatever it is, a beautiful moment is possible to all those that believe. Until next time my friends……..

be blessed.

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This was written from inspiration from Acts 3:1-11. Photo reference: Photo by Pixabay on pexels.com and Photo by Inna Lesyk on pexels.com

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