You Have the Grace to Handle it

Someone just needs to know that they will make it. You will make it. Everyone is not in the same place in life but I want to let you know that wherever you may find yourself you have the grace to make it through. You can make it.

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Pulling from what I wrote earlier this month in the Child of God series still accompanies my thoughts and I just want to singularly give space to this statement. “It’s not by some coincidence you face the obstacles that you do which seemingly feels like you’re the only one experiencing problems. It may be that you have the required strength to defeat that obstacle more better than anyone else who has not yet acquired the knowledge to handle it. You not only have the strength to defeat that obstacle but you have the courage to challenge it head on.” More to read from this series I’ve written “Child of God“.

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Cry if you need to but get back up. You can make it.

Until next time be blessed…..

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