Planted and Flourishing

It’s so wonderful to walk outside in my own garden and pick fresh blueberries for breakfast in the morning or for a healthy snack in the afternoon. There are so many ways to eat blueberries, like blueberry pancakes, blueberry pies, or just plainly, blueberries. What are some ways you enjoy eating them? Blueberries also offer tremendous health benefits.

I’ve always wanted my own little fruit and veggie garden but it seemed so overwhelming to start. With the help of my daughter realizing that it’s important to start from somewhere. There were a few choices and I’m still going to explore but I settled with something tart and sweet. Blueberries it is.

Writing this article reminded me of an article I published last spring called Gardening Green. I really enjoyed that piece because I was able to share so excitedly about plant life, a few gardening do’s and dont’s and other great green thumb tips. Why don’t you have a look!

It can easily be thought that to plant is just to dig a hole, place the plant in the ground and voila, all done. Well, it’s not that simple. In fact, part of the beauty of having plants is that you get to nurture them and watch them grow. Although, I can say I’m no expert; I can say that I love gardening and my green babies do flourish.

Choose for YOU

It can help to hear that it is okay to stay planted where you are until you feel peace about moving forward. Sometimes we can allow our circumstance and even people around us to push us toward something that we’re just not ready for. It’s okay to wait until YOU feel ready to take that next step because in the end YOU will be the one to deal with whatever the consequence of your choice is. Hope awaits you when you have given your care to God and place genuine trust that he won’t fail you. The decision that YOU need to make will be followed by peace in mind, in your heart, and in your life.

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In such a way, it’s necessary to tend to your plant right in the stage that it’s in. Watering it, trimming it, making sure it has enough sunlight if necessary, and for those true plant lovers, sing to it. (lol) It’s also necessary to re-pot plants or to perform a root wash to help maintain a mature and healthy growth if it’s withering.

This is needed in our daily lives. Sometimes we need to be re-potted in a figurative sense. Stripped away from everything old, decaying, and life-less and placed in fresh soil. As life goes on, you can outgrow the person that you were. You need to stretch a little bit farther and wider. You can outgrow the things you used to do. You can outgrow the small things that used to make you upset. You can even outgrow folks. It then becomes a realization that it’s necessary, no it’s needed to spread your life, spread your joy, spread your happiness to different people and to different areas other than where you may find yourself. You are needed in other places that the world has never known or seen. They may have never heard of you before but that shouldn’t limit your voice, it brings something new. In Jeremiah 17:8 it says that,

“For he will be [nourished] like a tree planted by the waters,
That spreads out its roots by the river;
And will not fear the heat when it comes;
But its leaves will be green and moist.
And it will not be anxious and concerned in a year of drought
Nor stop bearing fruit.”

What’s the meaning of……

Only a gardener would understand the relevance of this text and can relate it to a natural plant-life experience but only a person who is rooted in faith can understand the relevance that this brings in the spirit and the abundance that awaits them in the fulfillment of this promise, by faith.

This scriptural text clearly is indicating just that, hope and faith.

Having the confidence to not worry and thrive with what you have trusting in God for the next best is faith.

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A Heart to Hear

In a world that tells you to go, go, go and move, move, move based on emotion, trend, or a statistic it may not be your time. It may only be your time to plant yourself and flourish where you are until its your time to re-assert yourself to the very next best thing that God has waiting truly for YOU.

Whatever you choose, know that to be planted is to flourish. You can find me planted, here and…….flourishing. How about you?

I wish you all well, peace, and joy. I look forward to sharing some more pictures of my delicious blueberries. Until next time my friends…….

Be blessed,

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5 thoughts on “Planted and Flourishing

  1. If this isn’t the truth! It’s nothing like letting go of your fears and relying on God, the outcome is always great. Your blueberries look so delicious!

    1. Thanks for reading Kristan! Hopefully I can get as good as you some day with my fruits and veggies! 😄

      1. You’re already doing well with gardening, my secret is watching gardening Youtube videos 🙂

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