A tranquil moment

Out this morning at my favorite coffee spot and I’m sitting by the window enjoying the sun, good music, and a calming vibe of contentment.

As often as you can, take time out to do something that relaxes you. Whatever it is, make sure that it’s your favorite thing to do and do it not expecting anything but good quality time to yourself.

waterfalls in forest

“For length of days and years of life [worth living] And tranquility and prosperity [the wholeness of life’s blessings] they will add to you.”
Proverbs 3:2 AMP

Enjoy peaceful moments. In a society that seems chaotic, you have a choice to make changes to your life that doesn’t disrupt your peace. Try taking time off social media, try putting your phone down, try taking a walk outdoors, just try something, anything different than what you’re doing especially if its not working for you.

Believe for a tranquil outcome, especially knowing that there is such a good good father that wants only to see you live a life of peace and prosperity through the glory of his precious goodness.

Enjoy your day my friends. Until next time…….

photo reference: Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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