HAPPY 1 YEAR BLOG-A-VERSARY to me with my blogging site as a personal writer on content featuring all things Faith, Family, and Community.

I am so truly blessed to have the talent, passion, and motivation to have created and shared authentic based writing content that so many have benefited from. Sometimes I found what I was writing in hope of inspiring others, also inspired me. When I first created my website and began my blog in February 2021, there was a message that I placed on my site under message from the writer, called a new thing. It was written by me and the purpose of that was to not only share what I knew God was doing and saying in my life but it was to also let you know just how much he wanted to do something new in yours too.

As for me….

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This (FFC) new thing didn’t start for me in 2022. When the new year started, you heard a lot of people speaking the word new, as though it never existed. It existed prior to 2022 and it will continue to exist but the meaning of it resonates something different once you discover what has never been before in your life, that new thing. This new thing is not what someone else is doing or not what someone else has, it’s what God is doing in you that no other can replicate no matter how glorious or purposeful it may seem. It’s what God continues to do in you that you can’t find in riches or vain things. It’s a comprehension unlike any other because you finally realize the peace that it comes from. It’s the call he has for your life. God igniting FFC in me had never been prior to 2021, but it is now and it’s still present now and as I am led by God, I will continue now on this journey in all things Faith, Family, and Community.

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Highlighting FFC’S Year

There are so many countless things that I want to share right now but I want to focus on the content that I have shared with so many and that was so awe inspiring that it was the top of my blogging history thus far. Here are some highlights from 2021 year to date from over 50 published works. This is what you, my subscribers, readers, family, and friends loved and I’m so content because my passion is one I want to share with the world.

Thank You

Thanks to you for being a special part of this community. Your support in reading my content, sharing my content, leaving comments/e-mails, listening to my podcasts, and watching my videos has meant so much.

Stay tuned to what’s to come, I’ll even stay tuned with you, as this is a journey that I am also looking forward too as I look to the hills from whence cometh my help.

Until next time my friends, be blessed……….

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