Delivering FFC with a Heart of Thanks

Wow, what an amazing 9 months this has been. I recently celebrated my daughter’s 9th birthday and wondered what I would do with all the party decor. I knew that I wanted to re-purpose it somehow because it all was just so beautiful, well-planned, and thought out. A lot of helping hands made her day so special and I just couldn’t simply throw it away. And then it dawned on me that this month, I have been blogging for 9 entire months, the expected length of time it takes to carry a child. I have been carrying my passion or rather it carrying me, and developing it more and more for 9 whole months. That was so huge for me. It then became so apparent how I would re-purpose the decor. This was all such a special moment to reflect on from when I started up until now. It was even more gratifying to see how God’s timing is perfect and everything that he does is intentional and according to his will. This was such great timing for me to come before all of my subscribers, followers, family, and close friends to say THANK YOU!!! I am so thankful for you and all that you have done to express such love and kindness as I’ve been carrying my passion 💖 I anticipate nothing but God’s goodness from all the seeds that were sown through Faith Family and Community and I expect for you to have blessing upon blessing for sowing kindness, courage, and inspiration into my life.

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3 thoughts on “Delivering FFC with a Heart of Thanks

  1. Congratulations on a blessed nine months! Wishing you another blessed and prosperous nine months along with many more years to come!! Your blogs are truly a blessing…. Happy 9th birthday Ella-Bug. 🥳🥰🎉

  2. Kristan thanks so much for this, it has been such a joy to write again! I look forward to more and more and appreciate you for being such an advocate for what I’m doing with FFC and all of your support. I will be sure to tell Ella-bug of the birthday wishes!! 😊 Much love 💙

    1. You’re welcome love and I can’t believe Miss Ella is 9 already! They’re all growing up so fast…continued blessings for FFC!! 🥰🙏🏾😘

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