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Having quality outdoor time is relaxing, not to mention costless and you don’t have to invest in very much of anything other than being prepared to unwind, laugh, and have fun. I enjoy my time outdoors just taking in the breath of nature and doing outdoorsy adventures with my kids. What’s so awesome about it, is that it all happens in our back-yard. Thankfully we are blessed with a vast amount of land and watching my kids run around, roll around, and bounce around not only brings joy but it brings memories back to my child-hood days as well. There are so many different things that you can do to enjoy with your kids or grandkids, not even having to spend on anything and most things you may already have in your home. What’s not in your home, the wild will provide.


Kids now-a-days are so hyped up on the newest and greatest things of technology that they are not probed to enjoy the beauty and laid-back comfort around them, nature. Now outdoorsy stuff unfortunately may not be all that exciting for someone who suffers with allergies or even respiratory constrictions, however there are still other ways that you can enjoy the wilds by simply taking a moment out of your day to allow the clouds, wind, and trees to imprint it’s charm on your special heart. Allowing yourself to have some nature therapy is both beneficial for kids and adults because it promotes improvements to your physical and mental health. Enjoying the nature around you refuels your mental capacity to adjust and refocus. It’s nothing like some fresh air and vitamin-D to get you moving through the day. For those that have long-stressful days or even have moments of anxiety, being outdoors is just the thing to get you back into the rhythm of your own drum at your own pace.

A Family Favorite

brown pine cone on white surface

During the fall and winter season, one of the things that are so delightful to watch is my kids picking pinecones. The entertaining part is watching how they paint them and the different colors they use. This is not only a safe and eco-friendly way to explore the outdoors but it’s also a great way for kids and parents to connect with good conversation or just spending quality time. After all, it’s the small things, right? My kids pinecone is displayed here and has some traditional colors from Hispanic Heritage and I share it as part of National Hispanic Heritage month. I believe that it is important for kids to learn about different diverse cultures. Hispanic heritage is recognized from September 15th throughout October 15th and began observation in 1968. Find out more details here on how it is an inclusive part to U.S. history. We talked about how the nice bold colors that were painted for one of the pinecones reflect what they had been learning at school as hispanic heritage was celebrated with games, food, and fun.

Colorful decorative pinecone that happens to be some of the National Hispanic Heritage color palette.

All Together

My youngest child absolutely loves collecting pinecones. I was recently in my backyard and discovered a tree trunk that had an open circle shape. It just so happens that this was the ideal place for my kid to store a bountiful amount of pinecones. Pinecones are significant in its own way because they come from pine trees which represents a symbol of peace. Family being all-together on one accord is such a peaceful way of life and although it may not always work out that way, having God’s peace is the way of life. As my children painted the pinecones together, laughing, and conversing with one another there was such a spirit of unison. In Isaiah 60:13 it says that the glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary; and I will make the place of my feet glorious. This is not only a promise that can be counted on for the church body, this is also a promise that can be counted on with family. That scripture text is saying that the Lord will make perfect everything for his glory and that it all works together for not only your good but for his will. Whats around you, who’s around you, the nature that’s present in your life, the family that’s present in your life, and your identity was all created with a masterplan. With that, there are representations of peace, grace, and beauty that surrounds us. The pine trees, fir trees, and box trees are symbolically represented. They are materialized as such as they are a body, each communing together, “the box tree shall not envy the pine, nor the pine despising the box, they shall worship the Lord together.” -Matthew Poole This is what Christ wants for us, to worship together in spirit and in truth. Worship as a body in Christ, worship as a family. The importance of family is being able to be together, laugh together, cry together, and yes, even be upset together. Taking a few metaphoric pages from how pines don’t envy or despise but are considered all one family is a great way to take a glance at those around you and see if you can say the same.

Get out and explore. Make your own little adventure, spending time with your family. You never know what confirmation a breeze may blow in your ear. If you happen to come across a pine tree, may the peace that it symbolize bless you with the peace of God and may your family be sustained well in the happiness and joy of being all-together.

Biblica Reference: Isaiah 60:13

Photo Reference: Photo by Designecologist and Photo by Mariah Green

Thank you for reading. I pray that you were blessed.
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2 thoughts on “all together

  1. I’m a big fan of outdoor activities…especially in the autumn, which is my favorite season. I’ve been fortunate to live in different places around the world, where outdoor activities are prevalent during this time of year. I love getting out and feeling the crisp air (though not so much from where I’m at now in Bogota, Colombia) and getting to touch and feel pinecones and leaves in transition. The best part about this part of year is the aerial views, where I can see the different colors of the season. It’s a reminder, to me, of Ecclesiastes 3…a time and season for everything.

    1. Hello Juan, being in the element of outdoors is such a wonderful way to reconnect. The Autumn splendor offers so much highlight to awakening bright bold colors. I like this time of year but my favorite season is the winter months. It must be such a great experience to have traveled and viewed so many different parts of the world. I have never been to Colombia but it seems astonishing to have a view as you do. I imagine that it’s refreshing to see the different variations of colors with leaves and forestry changing throughout the season. Have a great day and thanks for your your well-thought out response.

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