Quiet means….

photo of road in the middle of foggy field
Photo by Johannes Plenio

We are all on a journey and on that journey there is much to do, much to prepare for.

Patience is quiet. Quiet doesn’t mean that you’ve given up. It means you are working in the background, preparing and waiting.

Are you working quietly or are you boisterously loud?

“Be silent in the Lord’s presence and wait patiently for him.” Psalm 37:7

Prepare in this time so that when it is your time, you wouldn’t have just made a lot of noise, you’ll be positioned and composed ready for the next step.

All the work and motivated progress that you made won’t just fall on stony ground but on good ground bearing much fruit of hundreds of folds in return.

Be ready mentally, physically, and spiritually.

God is working ahead of you and he is ready to see you shine just as much as you want to. Don’t fret but be of good cheer, waiting patiently and anticipating God’s marvelous blessings.

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