She, In His Arms

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He will cover you in his arms, with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust. In his arms you are safe; in his arms you are loved.

As she was standing, embracing the view of divine creation, there began a sound.

There was a heavy present sound of rain but she could not feel it. As she settled in her steps just as she was, there began a downpour. I suppose it had no place to touch her, and even so, she was covered.

As she realized her protection under the strong branches of the thick ever green trees, she knew then, that he would not allow even the slightest dismay to scather what is his. There was nothing that could shatter that truth, she was living it. There was nothing that could intervene between grace and a father’s love.

She was covered you see, by his grace and love, from the one that death could not hold. He gave life, his life and sheltered her with his grace because she needed it. Not that she deserved it, but because, she needed it. For when she was weak, he made her strong. He made her live again. He made her whole.

This marvelous God showed her in a flood of rain that even then I AM. He allowed her to see that no matter what may come against thee, he is still I AM. He is still mightier. He is still a keeper. He is still a protector. He is and will always control it all. Even the leaves on the branches that bound together were meant to stop the rain from touching an act of love. He allowed her to see that he loves more than she can ever be loved and even in her own settled steps, even in her own way, he is with her, covering and guiding. Saying, let your smile become bright, let your faith stand tall, for you my child are covered in my arms.

Reference: Psalm 91:4 K.J.V., 2 Corinthians 12:9

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