Begin Again

Sometimes you have to start from scratch and watch as your ambitions re-bloom.

Begin Again

Starting over isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s grace. You get to re-do, re-create something to be better than it was before. You get to reflect on your past mistakes, hopefully learning from them. You get to re-build a newer and stronger foundation, greater than before.

It’s not a punishment that you have to start over. Think of it as another opportunity to do it better, make wiser choices, make different improvements than you would have before. In truth, some things that you set out to do, you don’t always succeed. Sometimes you fail. That doesn’t mean that you are a failure, it means that your faith is being tried. Will you fold or will you fight? Fight for your dreams. Fight for your future. Fight for yourself.

It means that at that particular time it wasn’t your time but that doesn’t mean quit. Don’t Give Up. No matter how impossible the situation may seem, persevere anyhow. This is a promising opportunity for you to re-bloom. Your re-blooming season will be a beautiful one with a beautiful story to tell. Not because of how great it will turn out but because of everything you had to go through to finally realize that it was in fact, worth it. Worth it all, if only to end up on the other side of true happiness. How in the end, all the tears, sleepless nights, unwavering prayers, and the constant re-attempt to think through over and over again how to set the plan in motion all led you to begin again.

Everything you have gone through, with what seems to be all bottled up inside begins to pour out over what God was preparing you for all along. He begins to bring back the hurtful times to your remembrance, not to hurt you but to show you that when you step into the finality of your break-through, you would know then, that yes, it was all for something and that you didn’t break easily over nothing. There is a God in heaven that loves you. And as you give your all, it all prepares you to be able to handle the new thing that you were graced with. The new thing that you are to re-claim. The new thing that has restored you. You are ready now. Begin Again.

~a special reflection on God’s creation. Torn, scattered, and seemed forgotten but there is always a chance for a new dance. There is always a chance for new tune.~

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3 thoughts on “Begin Again

    1. It did with me too, no matter how far off it seems or how much time you put in; it’s never too late. Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up and start anew.

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