The question is answered when you believe

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On account of all that you are going through, they may look at you strange and wonder how it is you still have joy. Why not have joy? Even through the pain and hardship, God is still providing and making a way for you.

On account of all that you may have lost, it may seem strange for you to smile, but why not, God, he’s still been good to you.

It may even seem a bit odd how you came out of that fore-doomed situation and landed on top, with keys in hand. How so? Because God, he’s just too good to you.

They can’t seem to figure out how you’re so blessed, can’t quite put their hands on your secret and yet it’s a simple one. God, he’s simply that good to you.

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When they ask, how did you arrive at the place you are, and why is it that you’re so special? Tell them, God, when he created me and formed me, he already knew how much and what he would bless me with, how he would deliver me, and how he would provide for me. All that was ever needed from me and you, from our very beginning, was just to believe. The what? when? and how? begins to turn from questions to a statement to simply say, Thank You God for being so good to me.

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