Be Kind.

Such a simple statement. Such a rudimentary thing to say. Such few words, and yet they make a great difference. Being kind or not can not only make or break your day but it could also affect someone else in that same way.

The opposite of being kind is inconsiderate, mean, or cruel. If misery and hurt is bottled up inside you, it can make it very hard to be kind to others. Some of you may have experienced being around someone who is just mean. They look mean, they act mean, or just have a very cold and dim nature about them. You may have asked yourself, ‘ what did I ever do to them?’ Throughout all of the wondering, you still come up empty. Some indicators of an unhappy person is an unkind person and people that are unkind for no reason at all, even though having a reason to be unkind is still not an excuse, you may find that they have other problems that they are dealing with and it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Sometimes whats needed is to become healed in your heart. Holding the anger in and allowing it to fester can destroy you from the inside out. You can be walking around in anguish and tormented with discord and not realizing that it all goes back to how you feel in your heart. Talking to the person that offended you or that you may have offended is a start to healing. Forgiveness! Praying for them and for yourself is what brings the change.

Being kind makes you feel good. It makes you happy in the inside. It takes very little to be kind. An optimistic attitude helps but it also takes a heart-change. Have that merciful attitude to show the kindness that you would want reciprocated. Being kind is a choice and we all have the liberty to make the decision that will result in a good or bad result. Choices that can be made to treat someone the way we would want to be treated or choosing to treat someone unfairly just because is a liberty that you get to decide and live with. Choosing to be kind is just another way that believers of Christ get to exemplify that love that Jesus has for us to someone else. To someome who may not know God. To someone that wants to know him but is afraid. To someone who was hurt in the church and is looking for a reason to go back. How glorifying to God would it be that you could be the cause of someone giving their life back to Christ all in the deed of being kind.

Making the choice to show consideration and compassion allows the same to be returned back to you, especially when you need it, when it’s unexpected. In primary school we all started out learning the basics of rules, behavior, and treating others with respect. The things that we learn don’t become irrelevant just because we graduate from them. What we learn becomes part of us, it becomes a tool we get to use and put down when we don’t need it. Go against your flesh and do what sometimes can seem the hardest. Be Kind. Be a walking expression of God’s love. You never know who may need that expression of love and you never know how much more you needed it for yourself.

-moved by Ellie❤

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