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The will to pray

In the night, in the darkness, is when it seems the enemy attempts to attack. Whether that is in health, family, relationships, or our peace, the enemy lurks ready to attack. Having the power to pray is not when we are energized, awake, or ready for the day. It is often times at night, when everything is quiet, at the latest hour, when we are the most tired, and feel the most discouraged, this is the time when we must pray.

When you can’t sleep and there is a feeling of despair and desperation, pray. “Arise, cry aloud in the night: in the beginning of the night watches pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord:” -Lamentations 2:19 How do we combat the enemy and fight past the fear? Through prayer.

The enemy is not the only one working in the night. While he seeks to devour; Jesus seeks to restore. Jesus performs miracles in the darkest hours. When Jesus’ disciples were in the Sea of Galilee, it was at night that they came against a storm, a storm that could have shredded their ship but it was in that hour that Jesus came to them and saved them. He walked on water that very night to show them what faith can do. He walked on water so that they could have undoubting faith that all things are possible to those that believe. “God will always give what is right to his people who cry to him night and day, and he will not be slow to answer them.” -Luke 18:7 NCV Praying in your conviction and turning to God in your weakest moment is when God will move in your situation. God’s restoration for us does not occur in our strongest health; it’s when we are the most weakened, the most desperate, that’s when he rescues us, when we use our power to pray.

A Psalm of David

A psalm that most are familiar with is Psalms 23. There in verse 4 it states, “I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Some of us have heard this psalm or even was taught this as children. This is something that we also quote in scripture over ourselves and our family. It may be said so often by memory that the words become repetitious. However, the words from Psalms 23 are not just redundant; they are symbolic. Here, David has written this psalm in reflection of how a shepherd takes care of his sheep. “I will fear no evil” is said in confidence knowing that the shepherd will not allow any harm to come near his sheep. As such, David was familiar of how God delivered his people from the fowls of the enemy, such as when he defeated Goliath.

It is easy to believe in God’s word when he delivers you from the mouth of the enemy but there should also be a continual expectation of deliverance even when all else seems impossible. There should be a continual walk in faith. David was confident in not fearing evil because he already knew how the power of God worked through him. It was not at all by his own strength but by his believe. David loved God and wanted to please him. He knew that God was with him. He was with him when he was shepherding his fathers sheep and not only defeated a lion and bear but also “delivered the sheep out of the bear’s mouth.” How many times can you count how God has delivered you from the mouth of the enemy? David’s faith in God’s ability to fight on his behalf was even demonstrated in his fight against the Philistine. David did not use heavy metal armor or a sword. He used his faith to fight for him. He said that “I come in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of armies of Israel.” 1 Samuel 17:45

David used a rock from the earth and a sling. We know in modern times a slingshot to be an elastic type of material that can propel an object with energy but what David had was a sling from his time that was made from a type of leather, likely coming from sheep or cattle. Now in retrospect, those who know this familiar story would realize that David, being a shepherd boy at the time was described by Saul as “a youth”, whereas the Philistine was described as “a man of war from his youth.” 1 Samuel 17:33 This is denoting that David was neither as experienced or developed in stature as the Philistine but that didn’t stop him nor did it matter. Fulfilling God’s will was the only matter at hand.

Keep moving forward

If you believe what God has called you to do, regardless of who does or does not, don’t allow that to change the course of your actions. If you recall the story or have read it, you will see that David had to explain his battle with the bear and the lion to prove that he was worthy and could defeat the giant. Others did not believe in him and Saul was not certain of him. Saul gave David armor, a helmet, and garment. All this was provided to protect David, yes, but more so I believe is because he did not believe that he could battle Goliath in his own form. When we as believers are coming forth to perform a will given by God, he will supply us with everything we need. David did not need the metal armor that was provided or the sword. In fact, after it was put on him, he removed it. He understood that the man made things could not protect him the way that the supernatural could. He already knew that the only shield and armor that he needed was in the name of the Lord.

After all, you Triumph

David did not show any resemblance of fear. He was steadfast in his wanted encounter with the Philistine. He kept moving no matter how convincing he had to be, he got closer and closer to fulfill his purpose. His main objective was to fight and remove the very thing that was a torment and a terror. The giant that you may have in your life can only grow as big as the fears you feed into it. 2 Timothy 4:18 states that “The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and save me for his heavenly kingdom.” The enemy can’t do what he devise because God already has a plan for you. He is saving you for himself. So let us be victorious through Christ. When the enemy attacks, it is not only because you are a child of God, or because you believe in him; it is because Satan knows that even in your problems and your difficulties that in the end you will still overcome, you will still have the victory.

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  1. Amen and very well written!! There is power in faith and it is truly real. When the enemy tries to attack, my faith in Jesus and God’s love keeps me holding on. 💕

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