Take a break.

Hello readers, subscribers, and friends! HAPPY SPRING BREAK! (If that applies to you or maybe soon 😊)

This week is Spring break for my family and I. Although this is our time we are also taking time for ourselves and including in the things we love to do. At the moment my husband is tuning into his latest podcasts, my eldest daughter is drawing art, my youngest daughter and son is watching Spongebob, lol and I’m writing a simple message on today, Take a Break.

It’s okay to take breaks, we all need them. From time to time we just need to breathe and enjoy the present moment. Enjoy the gift of life. To enjoy yourself doesn’t necessarily mean traveling, although you could, it is just as relaxing to take solitude in the space that you are in. Maybe it’s enjoying your new home, doing a small home project, or simply taking in the fresh air right on your front porch. Whatever it may be, let it be for you. Let it be on your own time and by your own rules. Don’t get pressured into always having to stay on a time crunch simply for the next thing. Stop. Breathe. Take a moment for you and add yourself to your calendar, fill it up and title it ” Busy Day Taking a Moment for Me”.

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This Spring break as I do all others, I decided to spend some time with my family, enjoying our time and reflecting on past times, and just truly being thankful for each other. Don’t deny yourself quality time. We can get so in the routine of our day to day life that we forget about ourselves or planning to do things for ourselves. Do something with your family, friends, or maybe just for you.

This week, I decided to take a break from writing, which didn’t happen and I partly didn’t expect it to (you don’t really break from what you love) but it made me realize that taking time for yourself doing what you love is also doing what makes you happy.

When taking time for yourself, do something that makes you happy, not doing what other people would expect, or trying to keep up or outdo the next person or formulating the next big thing, just do what simply pleases you.

Like for example, I am pleased to say that Spa treatments make me soooo very happy and I have an appt. in e-minus……

Until next time my friends, be blessed and find you some ME time.

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  1. So true! Taking a Break is essential to Self Care.
    So Enjoyed this article 💜

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