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As we know, March is the month when Spring comes around. It’s a season that some look forward to because it means the cold months are now months ahead but others can dread this season, namely due to seasonal allergies. In the spring-time we look forward to all the things that can allow us to enjoy nice weather, like the sunshine, birds chirping and the light airy breezes that give you a reason to find an outdoor activity.

When Spring is near, plant life begins to grow again and there is such an unspeakable beauty even from the smallest bud on the tree that can lift and lighten your day. All that was once cold, dry, and dreary begins to turn bright and sunny. For some, a new season gives a fresh hope of something to look forward to. A new season. A new chance.

In the springtime, this is usually when gardening takes effect. In fact, depending on your regional climate, March is a good time to get some seed into the ground. Imagine having some garden-fresh veggies by April or May. As March can be a good time to sow seed in the ground, in retrospect, it is also a good time to sow a good seed in the life of others, anytime. Are you sowing seeds that will produce a good harvest? “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson Sowing good seeds can be done in different ways but it is important to know that whatever you do for others let it be done “heartily and not unto men.” Whatever seed you sow whether it is a good or bad seed, you can expect that in return.

Blessing someone else is just a bigger and better blessing that will be in store for you. Don’t be “weary in well-doing” because what you give and do for others heartily will come back to you right in God’s perfect timing. I don’t believe that we are necessarily blessed just because we do things for people. I believe that God expects us as believers in Christ to take care of others, feeding the hungry, helping the poor, and caring for the sick. I believe that giving from your heart is what pleases God and leads to your blessing. That’s a reward in itself for me and yet I am still surprised when I am blessed unexpectedly, and left unspeakably in awe. God then brings back to my remembrance the good seeds that I have sown, he reminds me that everything is already done in his will because he is sovereign. In Ecclesiastes 3:15 it says, “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requires that which is past.” There is an order to how God works in your life and only he knows it. The order that has been which is now is exactly where you are meant to be to receive your blessing, to receive your breakthrough. God wants your NOW. He already knows what has happened and what will happen but he is calling you to NOW. He is calling you to the present place and he is preparing you to receive what he has already given you. Get ready to walk in your NOW season. Welcome it. It is time for you to be a giver NOW. It is time for you to be blessed NOW. It is time for you to conquer the enemy NOW. And because he is “I AM”, there is no one greater than God to give you what you need and what you are asking for NOW.

God will bless you because he is a giving Father and because he has an undying love for you. It is God’s desire to work supernatural blessings in your life and he is always ready. Are you ready to receive? Sow good seeds so that you may reap a great harvest that is in “good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over”. This is the promise that is in store for you. I have talked about good seeds but bad seeds can be sown as well. I will save that for another time, for now let’s focus on doing the good. Let’s welcome Spring and this new season as an opportunity to do a new thing and give more to others, cheerfully and heartily. I believe that if you give for the right reason, you will see the blessing you have been hoping and praying for. Welcome this season as an opportunity to bless yourself by blessing someone else.

“For behold, the winter is past. The flowers appear on the earth once again.”
-Song of Solomon 2:11-12

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